About Us

Here at Film Focus, we love film. 


Film Focus delivers movie reviews and spotlights on the greatest and grandest events and releases in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and even further afield. 


We also love to branch out and collaborate. We've worked with cinemas, distributors, publicists and filmmakers to get the word out there about the best and most exciting releases and film festivals in the business.

We also found that we're not happy just watching movies; we need to make them too. That's why we have our own production wing, and our wealth of experience both with traditional videography and video editing, photography and knowledge of what makes a good movie is our perceived competitive advantage in this field. We've got our finger on the pulse, and if you're looking for help developing or producing a creative idea, we're the people you want on your side. 


Film Focus also contributes to some of our favourite publications, so you might catch our name popping up at places like The Good Guide, or in Access News publications in NSW.


There's nothing we love more than a fresh email dropping into our inbox, so if you're looking for filmmaking services, have a cool idea you want us to be involved with, or just want to have a chat about great movies and events, drop us a line!


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Our Team
Jacob Richardson
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Jacob founded Film Focus in the back-half of 2016, with a view to translate his passion for film and media into something more than a hobby. As creative director, Jacob has published a large amount of content on the website. Along with his deputy editor Aida, he also co-ordinates the social media strategy, and drives the photography and video production wings of Film Focus.

Aida Vucic
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As co-director, Aida is responsible for business development at Film Focus, and building strong relationships with media, publicity and production companies. As an editorial contributor, she has published a large amount of content on the website. Along with Jacob, she also co-ordinates the social media strategy, and drives the social engagement side of Film Focus.

Tom Van Kalken
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Ahlia Karam
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Michael Potts
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Brandon Richardson