Our magazine is centred on bringing together our passion for film with those cultural elements that harmonise with the screen; the arts, culinary delights, work, photography, design and personal anecdotes. The magazine will try to eliminate the hyper-neon, busy existence of current film magazines, and instead bring the content away from fancy graphics and to the humanising, intriguing stories behind the CGI on screen, with the focus on connecting communities, providing a voice to young creatives and exploring the similitudes of film and other creative pursuits.


This is our secon issue, and we are super excited to feature Brisbane based director of the new short, Jade, Angie Fleming, alongside other powerful female creatives like Loani Arman (director of the new web series Mother Load) and Ursula Yovich, one of The Age's 21 most influential women of stage and screen. 


Along with this comes a round up of all the great events this quarter, an interview with Queensland Theatre director Sam Strong, an interview with the hilarious Kyle McCallion and an incredible feature on the animated works of Mamoru Hosoda.

Film Focus Quarterly - Volume 2

  • Volume 2 of Film Focus Quarterly.

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