Farenheit 11/9

Jacob Richardson | 08/10/2018

Will spark outrage in your heart as you relive the trauma of the 2016 American election.


Michael Moore once again dives into a key topic, to showcase the full landscape of the horror of the system. Here, he is investigating the 2016 election, covering the rise of Trump, the fall of popular candidate Bernie Sanders, the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and much more.


A documentary like this, on the surface, may feel tired. Indeed, if you are an avid watcher of American politics, it may feel like there is nothing new to learn. But trust us when we say that Farenheit 11/9 is definitely worth your time.


Moore has managed to not only craft a cohesive and eloquent tale from the disparate news sources, and across the small scale local issues and nation-wide problems, but manages to do it in a fun and engaging way. He also has managed to unearth some intriguing facts, and when assembled all together in this documentary it is unlikely that you won’t be learning something new as you go.


Switching from early in the film investigations into Trump’s motive for running and Hillary’s presumption of victory (and the absolute outrage of having superdelegates), to the water crisis in Flint and the sheer criminal negligence on the part of elected officials there, Farenheit 11/9 generates clear linkages across the various pieces to ensure that the story thread is one with a clear message; that Americans need to take a stand.


Farenheit 11/9 is made very much in the traditional standard of Michael Moore documentaries. That is good and bad. On the positive side, it means that a robust investigation of these issues can be performed, and that we can access content across the entire spectrum of what he is discussing. However, his usage of musical cues to generate emotion can sometimes overstep the boundaries of satirical and transgress into manipulatory.


Nevertheless, this is an interesting and engaging piece, with plenty of takeaway messages for those outside of the US. It is definitely worth a watch.



Intriguing and emotionally affecting, Farenheit 11/9 should be on your watchlist.