Daniel O'Sullivan | 25/04/2019

With surprisingly complex characters, jaw-dropping cinematography and action set pieces that would give John Wick a run for its money, Extraction is a deeply entertaining, if flawed, action romp. 


Struggling with his own demons, black market mercenary Tyler Rake is commissioned to rescue and extract the son of an international crime lord. Together, the pair must battle all factions of the Indian underground in order to escape the city and survive. 

As if it needed further validation, Chris Hemsworth truly cements himself as a bona-fide action star who’s capable of immense depth when the scene calls for it. Physically committing his all to the role, Hemsworth is a joy to watch as the no-nonsense, tough as nails Aussie mercenary who turns in a truly memorable performance. From brutally intense hand to hand encounters to white-knuckle inducing shootouts, the Marvel alum undoubtedly carries this film on his shoulders. The supporting cast also more than hold their own, with Randeep Hooda and Rudhraksh Jaiswal also being standouts in their own right. The former plays a grizzled ex special forces soldier on the pair’s tale brilliantly, whilst the latter portrays the innocent child target who impressively holds his own when sharing the screen with Hemsworth. 

With some incredible stunts and set pieces, director Sam Hargrave brings his absolute A-game when it comes to the visuals. Whether its strapping himself to the front of a car to get the perfect chase scene or making a 12 minute long fight scene seem like one beautiful take, Hargraves past experience as a stunt double, stunt coordinator and second unit director is put to expert use, with the result being some of the tightest fight choreography in recent memory.

However, Extraction is slightly let down by its somewhat conventional script. Though it was never intended to be a deep meditation on the human spirit, giving the plot a bit more of a unique flair would have done wonders to ensure that it’s a must see for any movie-goer. That being said, if you know what you’re getting yourself into and you know what to expect, then this will hardly damper the enjoyment of the film.


Anchored by great performances and some extremely memorable action set-pieces, Extraction doesn’t necessarily reinvent the wheel, but it looks damn good while it spins. Now streaming on Netflix.