The Darwin International Film Festival 2020

The Darwin International Film Festival 2020

Ned Donohoe Interview

We sat down with Ned Donohoe to speak about his new documentary, Green Light.

Bettina Kinski Interview

Bettina Kinski on the 2019 German Film Festival!

An Interview with Damon Gameau

We sat down with Damon Gameau to speak about his new film, 2040.

Paulette Arvizu Interview

Paulette Arvizu on the 2019 Spanish Film Festival!

Catherine Scott Interview

The director of the heartwarming documentary, Backtrack Boys, speaks with us about her new film and the Royal Family.

An Interview with Clayton Jacobson

Clayton Jacobson speaks with us about his new film, Brother's Nest.

Mehdi Avaz Interview

We sit down to speak with Swedish director Medhi Avaz about his box office busting indie.

An Interview with Garth Davis

Garth Davis talks about his difficult to release film, Mary Magdalene.