Look, we understand. Sometimes it's just too much effort after a hard day at work to get up, put on anything other than your pyjamas, and head out to catch something at the cinema. Not to mention the expense! Wouldn't you rather curl up on your couch and catch one of the latest and greatest home releases?

Luckily, our pals over at Dendy Direct have hooked us up with 5 vouchers to two of the hottest movies to hit their home entertainment platform this September! First up is the iconic, and now famously successful, Wonder Woman. If you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out - it's a rip-roaring ride that casts off the dark and gloomy tone of other DC properties, instead infusing it's myriad of incredible action set pieces with genuine warmth and humour. If you'd rather skip the blockbuster scene and go on a journey of discovery, we've also got you covered. Your second option is 20th Century Women, a heartfelt piece of nostalgia that is best described as an incredibly engaging character piece. We gave it four stars on it's release, and a follow up viewing solidified our opinion that this is one of the best indies of the year, particularly if you'd rather meaty story over big-budget action. 

It's easy to enter - just fill in the entry form below, and make sure you tell us which type of film you prefer; blockbusters, or indies! Winners will be notified by email, and if you're keen to check out any of Dendy Direct's other home releases, scroll through our round-up below. 

NOTE: Competition now closed.

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