Are We Officially Dating?

Daniel O'Sullivan | 19/04/2020

Hindered by some script and pacing issues, Are We Officially Dating? is an easy watch with a talented cast and great humour to boot.


After finding out his wife wants a divorce, Mikey and his college friends Jason and Daniel make a pact against any serious romantic relationships. However, as each member of the group secretly breaks the pact, both their relationship and their friendship with each other is tested more than ever.


With a fairly standard rom-com synopsis at its core, Are We Officially Dating? knows exactly what it’s function as a film is; to put attractive celebrities in relatable situations in order to entertain, whilst conjuring up a few laughs in the process. Thankfully, it is successful in doing just that, no more and no less. The tried and trusted model of putting characters in their mid-20’s in New York City in order to achieve self-discovery is just as successful here as it is any the countless other films and television series that utilise it. Though writer/director Tom Gormican tries his best to inject the script with its own individual concepts, this only makes the script seem like the product of too many ideas and not enough runtime to see them through. Each individual problem that the characters face could easily be expanded on for more entertainment and significance to their development and possibly could have made an excellent episode in Netflix style series, had it been an option.

Thankfully, the cast more than make up for these shortcomings as Efron, Teller and Jordan prove to be some of the funniest and most skilled young actors on the scene. Their chemistry together is palpable and their realistic exchanges in shared scenes make for some of the most memorable sequences in the film, whether its “bro-ing” out to video games and scotch, tanning lotion mishaps, or even visiting an adult store for costume ideas. Though it doesn’t exactly push them to their limits as actors, the trio elevate the sub-par script and make the film an enjoyable romp.

From a technical perspective, Are We Officially Dating? takes full advantage of its picturesque setting of New York and displays the Big Apple in all its glory. Whether it’s a crowded sidewalk, packed nightclub, or fairy tale-like park, each shot beautifully captures its surroundings and is crucial in the storytelling process, with its youthful techno/synth score rounding the film out beautifully.


If you’re after a funny and well-acted film to pass the time, you could do a lot worse than this underrated but not quite exceptional rom-com. Now streaming on Netflix.