A Ghost Story

Kate Charlton | 26/06/2017

Surprising and refreshing, A Ghost Story is one of the most brilliant movies in what feels like years. With a relatively unoriginal plot, almost no dialogue, and Casey Affleck covered in a bed sheet (and not in the way you might expect), the film will surprisingly grip you and keep you deep in thought for days afterward.

The movie starts much like any other indie-love story, with long looks, awkward silences, and dim lighting in run-down houses. That quickly changes when tragedy strikes and the couple is ripped apart. C (Casey Affleck) cannot bear to leave his love behind (M, played by Rooney Mara) and stays on Earth to watch over her.  It is a traditional story of a spirit struggling to find peace and let go of this world, but it does not feel like a traditional film.


At times, you are forced to laugh-out-loud at the ridiculousness of the costuming – after all, the main character is Casey Affleck covered in a bed sheet, the exact same children dressed up as ghosts when they were five! And the exchanges between C (Casey Affleck) and the unnamed other ghost are both hilarious in their nature, and heartbreaking in their content. But that is typical of this film; both ridiculous and brilliant.


David Lowery wrote and directed the movie, and with virtually no dialogue (but a brilliant musical soundtrack), he created a heart wrenching and stunning narrative with a fully developed character arc, and forced the audience to form a deep connection to C. This is no small feat considering the majority of C’s performance was standing awkwardly in the corner watching on. But it worked, and it is a true testament to Lowery, both as a director and a writer.


The movie really is best appreciated with very little background knowledge, and no expectations. Lowery’s A Ghost Story  is surprising in every way, and will have you in tears as much as it will in stitches. It cannot be recommended highly enough.


A great film, and not one to be watched lightly. Plan an evening to go and see it - and make sure you have time to sit and debrief afterwards!