A Few Less Men

Brandon Richardson | 2/03/2017

For those who enjoyed 2011’s A Few Best Men, you’ll probably enjoy this second installation from Mark Lamprell. If not, you will most likely leave the cinema questioning just why this film was ever made.

The film picks up where the last one left off, with lead characters David (Xavier Samuel), Tom (Kris Marshall) and Graham (Kevin Bishop) following up their drunken friend Luke (Tim Draxl), who has fallen off a cliff after David’s long and calamitous wedding. The rest of the film sees the gang trying to return Luke’s body to his Bronson-like brother Henry (Ryan Corr) in London. Any attempt to describe the plot from this point in a logical way would be feeble, as the guys find themselves in increasingly ludicrous situations due their cringeworthy stupidity and insatiable crassness.


I went into this film without seeing the first instalment, but I did know that the first film was universally panned by critics and moviegoers with thoroughly underwhelming box office returns. As such, I had zero expectations for the quality of the sequel. With a a fart joke being delivered within the first few seconds of the opening credits, my hopes were not high for the rest of the film. The next 92 minutes were packed to the brim with similar vulgar humour, including countless fart, poop and penis jokes.


Overall, you can tell that this film very much wants to be a Hangover for a British/Australian audience. Whilst The Hangover managed to find the right balance between sufficiently interesting story and crude humour, A Few Less Men is devoid of the former. Dean Craig’s script opts far too often to go for the tactless, cheap laugh. While I did find myself chuckling here and there, there was nothing ground-breaking enough to distract from the intolerable idiocy of the main characters’ plight.


For those who enjoy endless toilet humour, you’ll probably find this film hilarious. For the rest of us, A Few Less Men’s tagline “A lot more laughs” would be better revised to “Maybe one or two more laughs”.